Meeting Registeration Fee Or Donations


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

We accept meeting registration fees or donations through our Paypal Account.

1. You can make a payment through PayPal online if you have a Paypal account. Please log in your Paypal Account,, and select "Pay Friends and Family" to avoid service charges. Our PayPal account is Make sure to note  "your name - for Donations or Meetings".

2. If you do not have a Palpal Account, you could simply pay through the link above,  just click on "Pay Here". You will check out as Guest with your Credit Card.

FWCFFA has been approved to be tax exempt

We are pleased to announce that FWCFFA are recently qualified to be a tax-exempt non-profit organization.With this approval, donation and contribution to FWCFFA are tax deductible. The effective date is retroactive to March 15, 2011. We would like to thank all of our previous and future donors for their generosity and support!       
FWCFFA service team     


1. 有PayPal的朋友可以直接通过PayPal网上支付注册费。我们的PayPal 账户是。请登陆您的Paypal账户 并选择“Pay Friends and Family”以避免额外的服务费。

2. 如果您没有Paypal账户,您可以通过我们的官网,以Paypal客人身份使用信用卡完成付款,请点击以上红色按钮,“Pay Here”.