Dragon Boat Race

June 24, Saturday, 8am, Downtown

Hello everyone, this year, River Front will hold a dragon boat race on 6/24, as one of the largest Chinese community in Fort Wayne, we must support such a grand and meaningful event which will promote Chinese culture. With that said, FWCA will send a dragon boat team consisting of 12 men and 8 women.

You must meet the following qualification to join the team:

1. Will be available on 6/24. There will be 3 races through out the day. Each race is about 3 mins. 

1. Must be 15 and older. 15 w parents permission. 

2. Must attend at least 3 practices, which will be held in weekend afternoons, exact dates TBD, there will be a total of 4 practices. Each practice lasts no longer than 2 hours. 

3. Can do at least 5 push-ups (knee push-ups for ladies), people who can do 20+ will be prioritized

3. We will need 12 men, 8 women, and 3 back ups

4. FWCA member has a higher priority

Seat is limited, first come first serve!

To sign up, please send the following information to Andy Luk (Wechat ID: Silver0209) by 5/19.

To sign up, please send the following information to Andy Luk  andyluksf@gmail.com (Wechat ID: Silver0209) by 5/19. 

1. Name

2. Sex

3. Number of push-ups you can do

For more info. please click the link below:

Taizhou Opera Tickets Info.


 I'd like to share exciting news with you: Taizhou  Luantan Opera from  Fort Wayne's sister city, Taizhou China, is going to  perform at the  Embassy Theater.  This is a great opportunity for you to watch   distinguished Traditional Chinese Opera which has a long history   standing.
When Fort Wayne Sister City’s board member, Dorothy Kitaka,  first  visited Taizhou city a few years ago, she had a chance  to watch Taizhou  Luantan Opera's performances. She was instantly  captivated by the  beauty of this form of performing art. The costumes,  makeup, and props  were so spectacular that she wanted to bring the  performances to Fort  Wayne.  

As the result of the persistent effort from both  sides, this dream will  come true on March 19th at 6:00pm. Twenty eight  delegates of Taizhou  Luantan Opera will have a show at Embassy Theater  in Fort Wayne,  Indiana. Please click the link  for a sample of their performance.  


 FWCFFA has decided to help promote this event and  buy a block of group  tickets. We will try to get a discount on the  tickets, and possibly  give out some free tickets provided by FWCFFA. In  order to get the best  price possible, we'd like  to survey the interests from all the FWCFFA  members. If you are  interested in going, and are not in our WeChat  group, please send your  emails stating family name and number of  tickets you want to FortWayneChinese@gmail.com Please respond ASAP.   

Fame 艺术节志愿者招募 Volunteer needed

请点击以下文件,查看详细任务单。Please click on the sign-up sheet for details.