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Hello, welcome to FWCFFA website, and wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous Year of the Sheep!

The purpose of this website is to share information among the association members, as well as with non-members who are interested in Chinese culture.





Dragon Boat Race a Great Success!


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On May 30th, Fort Wayne City held its very first Dragon Boat Race on the St. Mary River. The Chinese Boat Team, led by FWCFFA, raced other 24 boats and advanced to the final races. The Association also had a vendor booth to sale dragon related Chinese art items and an area for children's activities. The night before the racing day, FWCFFA also sponsored entertainment performances to the City at Race Opening Ceremony. They performed the story of Dragon Boat Race (Qu Yuan), the boat dance, the dragon dance, the drum dance, and the lion dance (by a local group). During the performances, the Mayor Henry dotted Dragon’s eyes to “Awake The Dragon”. The performances are highly praised by the audience, the City officials and Indianapolis race participants. Through the participation, the Chinese Community has proofed its strength and passion. To all the participants and supporters, this has been an enjoyable and valuable event. Many thanks go to ALL team members, the performers, the organizers, the volunteers, the donors and the supporters! Click the link to see the pictures. Pictures also included the activities during the practices. The Chinese Families Dragon Boat Race team roster 2015: Coco Chen, E Xiang, Jiang Daohong, Lu Qiaoming, Qu Yanni, Wang Yun, Wang Tianjiao*, Yang Ningning, Zhang Zhijuan (Assistant Captain); Cai Song, Chen Peisheng, Duan Zhanfu (Drummer and Coach), Dun Shouchen (Captain), Liu Quan*, Liu Yang, Jing Peng, Li Chaoqian*, Li Jenning*, Sun George, Sun Ruidong*, Sun Jiangtao, Wang Guoping*, Wang Steven*, Min Guoqing, Zhou Xinyang, Zhou Jannanthan, Li Walter, Liu Michael. *Back up team member.


Fort Wayne Three Rivers Parade (July 11)

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