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Hello, welcome to FWCFFA website, and wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous Year of the Sheep!

The purpose of this website is to share information among the association members, as well as with non-members who are interested in Chinese culture.


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Dragon Boat Race!


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Dear FWCFFA members and friends,

As you may have heard, Fort Wayne city government will hold its first Dragon Boat Race in the St. Marys River on May 30, 2015. All proceeds go to Cancer Service of Northeast Indiana (Allen county).

Dragon boat race was originated in Southern China and has become quite popular in western countries in recent years. Because the Chinese heritage embedded in this sports, Fort Wane Chinese Families and Friends Association has decided to participate in this event including racing the other 20 boats! However, the registration fee of $2,100 for a boat is way over our usual budget, we have decided to fundraise. Besides other fundraising activities we will be engaging, we would like to be able to raise $500 cash/check among our member/families/friends pool. We would like to encourage our member, families and friends to donate at whatever levels you feel comfortable with. In combining other fundraising activities, we hope we can raise enough money to cover the most of the cost.

Some fundraising ideas provided by City can be seen here for your references if you are interested in trying them. If you write a check, please make it payable to FWCFFA, mark donation dragon boat, and send it to

George Yang
Treasurer of FWCFFA
10722 N. Westlakes Dr.
Fort Wayne, IN 46804.

Alternatively, you may donate a Chinese art item to the Association (The item needs to have resale value). The Association is now 501 C(3) exempt, so your donation is tax deductable just like you donate to Salvation Army. The money received from the resale of your item will become the donation to Association. There will be a few sale events coming up soon (Ft. Wayne FAME on 3/21-22, Wabash FAME on 4/18 and other events).

Thank you so very much for your generous support to our association! To find more details about the Dragon Boat Races, please visit http://riverpaloozafw.org. This is a great family event, please come out and enjoy the different activities by City and cheer for our team!

Thanks again. You may email xywan@yahoo.com for additional questions.


Service Team
Fort Wayne Chinese Families and Friends Association


Fort Wayne FAME (March 21-22)
Wabash FAME (April 18)
Fort Wayne Dragon Boat Race (May 29-30)
Fort Wayne Three Rivers Parade (July 11)
Please click the above links for more information

FAME Participation a Great Success

FWCFFA had another successful participation in FAME (The Foundation For Art and Music In Education). We displayed variety of items reflecting Chinese art and culture. We also did education presentations including Chinese abacus, Chinese writing, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese costumes and Chinese name writings. We sold 220 Chinese art and culture related crafts and items!

Special thanks to Zhang Zhijuan, Li Lixin, Duan Zhanfu, Qu Yanni, Yan Xiulin, Lu Ying, E Xiang, Nie Xingcao, Chen Lichuen, Wang Guoping, Chris Wang, Dr. Thong, Mrs. Thong, Sun Hao, Fei Hanzhang, Dun Shouchen, Li Chaoqian, Wan Xiaoying, Yang Ningning, Chen Lingbo, Feng Lucas, and Jiang David.

Pictures can be viewed here.